New Scout Welcome Weekend at Inks Lake Trip Report, February 2000
By Pat Hastings IV, Patrol Leader, Raven Patrol

During the Presidents' Day weekend, February 18-21, we went camping at Inks Lake State Park.  We arrived Friday evening and set up camp.  The next day we worked on all the Tenderfoot requirements including the following: prepare for a campout; pitch a tent; cook a meal; whip and fuse the end of a rope; tie the two half hitches and the taut-line hitch; explain the rules of safe hiking; raise, lower, and fold a flag; learn the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan; know why we use the buddy system; do a physical fitness test; identify poisonous plants; and know first aid.  That night we had a group campfire in which the scouts did a couple of skits and listened to some interesting stories by two of the adult advisors.  Then we had a pass-around story that got way out of hand while tracing the trials of the ill-fated (though fortunately imaginary) Troop 76.

On Sunday we had chapel service in the morning and then some of us went on a five mile hike.  One of the boys tripped and his hand landed on a cactus so his dad had to painstakingly pull out each thorn.  In the afternoon we went canoeing and two of the boys rented a kayak.  That night we had another neat campfire.  On Monday morning we did some service work by picking up trash in many of the campsites and then left for home about noon.

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