To Join:

  1. Fill out the Join Boy Scouting brown form, including the back
    side (Class 1 Personal Health History).

  2. Complete the "Permission" form.

  3. Turn in money for BSA registration, Boy’s Life, and Troop
    dues to the Treasurer.  The Troop dues are for awards,
    patches, BSA materials, and supplies for the troop's operation.
    Please pay the amount shown beside the month in which you
    are joining:
    Jan. $69.00 July $38.00
    Feb. $64.00 Aug. $32.00
    March $59.00 Sept. $27.00
    April $54.00 Oct. $22.00
    May $48.00 Nov. $16.00
    June $43.00 Dec. $76.00 (includes all fees for following year)
  1. You will need to purchase the following uniform items at the
    Boy Scout Office & Shop, 7540 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin (at
    intersection of highways 290 and 183, Tel. 926-6363), or
    through the BSA's national Scouting merchandise catalog:

Shirt ($21.70)
Shorts ($29.10) or Pants ($34.20)
Socks for shorts ($4.85) or for pants ($4.25)
Belt ($5.90)
Cap ($9.15)
Neckerchief slide ($2.10)
  1. These items are available in the Troop 77 store:
Boy Scout Handbook $7.95 (must have immediately)

The troop neckerchief, numeral ‘77’, council insignia, world
scout crest emblem, shoulder loops, and patrol emblem are
also available.  Please see the inside cover of the
Boy Scout Handbook which shows where these are to be
located on the uniform shirt (or see the sheet provided
which shows these locations).

Please make checks payable to: BSA Troop 77

Questions?  Call your Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or
your junior leaders:

Scoutmaster: Bill Voit   267-5927

Assistant Scoutmaster: Billy Gilchriest   267-3426