Guadalupe "River Hike" Trip Report, March 2000
By Pat Hastings IV, Patrol Leader, Raven Patrol

During spring break our Scout troop went on a float trip on the upper Guadalupe River in Central Texas.  We set up our base camp at Guadalupe River State Park in preparation for traveling on the river the next day.  Although it had been warm and dry prior to the campout, a cold front came in and it poured rain during a thunderstorm the first night.  One of our Scouts had brought a brand new tent but its seams had not been sealed yet.  So during the night everything in his tent got wet.

We were planning to use canoes, but the river was extremely low and the air temperature was 43 degrees when we started, so we decided to use rafts instead.  Even with the rafts the river was so low we still had to get out and pull the rafts through most of the rapids (which weren't very rapid).  Sometimes it felt like we were doing so much walking in the water, we eventually began to refer to our float trip as our "river hike"!  Even with the cold and wet weather we all had fun and hopefully will learn from our mistakes.


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