Troop 77 has an integrated program which is fun and has purpose for boys and young men. Our plan features…

A strong camping program with a campout scheduled each month, a one week summer camp, and a five day winter camp.

An advancement program for new Scouts to advance through the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.

A merit badge program to advance them to Star, Life, and Eagle Scout.

Troop and Council Junior Leadership Training and opportunities.

Individual patrol activities.

A physically challenging program to build strong bodies, develop character, leadership skills, and confidence.

A religious awards training program in conjunction with the Scout’s church or religious organization.

Special trips are undertaken each year.

Community service is performed on an individual basis and with Troop 77’s Big Good Turn.

Weekly meetings which are planned, organized, and fun.

High Adventures are regularly scheduled.

All of the programs and activities are selected, planned, organized, and run by the Scouts of Troop 77. Parents act as facilitators and advisors to make the Scout activities safe, fun, and rewarding.

BSA national and local organizations provide materials, facilities, training, and opportunities for Scouts. An all around rewarding experience results for each Scout.

An aquatics program which includes swimming and the Troop's fleet of kayaks and sailboats.

Troop 77 is a new troop formed in December of 1999 to accomplish "the promise of Scouting" for boys and young men of the North Lake Travis area.

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