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Base camp near the ranch headquarters (80k)

Off we go to find our 50 acres to survey (86k)

Surely you don't expect me to carry this all the way back to camp? (80k)

A real ranch has lots of this must be a real ranch! (69k)

Two hours later, we've finally found our sector and are ready to start exploring it (68k)

This bathtub is certainly in a convenient spot...if only it were 50 degrees warmer! (96k)

Collating our survey results...and planning how to get back to camp fast...'cuz it's cold (100k)

Griffith League Ranch is 5000 acres of outdoor beauty (96k)

Come on...let's go!  :-)  (51k)

All right, we're not waiting around any longer (55k)

It's not like we're hungry or anything...but could you please get the stove going soon? (109k)

If you think I'm coming out of this sleeping bag into 20 degree gotta be kidding. (49k)