Troop 77 - Spring Break 2001 Canoe & Beach Adventure

When: Sunday, March 11 through Saturday, March 17, 2001
What: #1: Canoe Village Creek near Silsbee, Texas
Sunday, March 11 through Wednesday, March 14

#2: Beach fun at Sea Rim State Park near Port Arthur, Texas
Wednesday, March 14 through Saturday, March 17

Cost: #1: Canoe Trip - $35 per person
#2: Beach Adventure - $10 per person
Total: $45.00
Details: Sunday, March 11 :  The Troop has two walk-in primitive campsites reserved (reservation #1794621 + 22) at Village Creek State Park (409-755-7322) near Lumberton, Texas (TX DOT Map Grid P-23).  Rendezvous no later than 4:00 pm at the park.

Monday AM, March 12 :  Rendezvous at Eastex Canoes / Big Thicket Outfitters (800-814-7390 or 409-385-4700), US Hwy 96 S, Silsbee, Texas.  Shuttle to put in on Village Creek on TX Hwy 327.  Outfitter supplies canoes and shuttle.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday :  Canoe Village Creek.  On Wednesday morning, take out at US Hwy 96.

Wednesday PM :  Travel to Sea Rim State Park (409-971-2559) near Port Arthur at Sabine Pass, Texas (TX DOT Map Grid Q23).  The Troop has two water-only campsites reserved (reservation #1794623 + 24)

Scouts and adult advisors may do either one or both parts of trip, subject to transportation and sufficient number of adult advisors being on hand.

Patrols: Use patrol and buddy system for tents, meals, and canoe arrangements
Separate out food and camping supplies into two parts for canoe trip and beach
Arrange transportation
Fishing is excellent on Village Creek
Plan each day's activities at Patrol Leaders Council
From Lago Vista, east on FM 1431, south on US 183, east on US 290. Once FM 1960 (Houston bypass) is reached follow it east to Dayton, then east on US 90 to I-10 and US 96.  Following I-10 north, exit onto US 96 and follow north to Lumberton and Village Creek State Park. Estimated driving time is 5 hours.

Take US 96 to Eastex Canoes / Big Thicket Outfitters.  Driving time is 30 minutes.

From outfitters take US 96 south through Beaumont to Port Arthur. Take TX 87 south to Sea Rim State Park.  Estimated driving time is 90 minutes.

Return: Take TX 87 north, west on TX 73 at Port Arthur, west on I-10, northwest on US 290, north on US 183, west on FM 1431.  Estimated driving time is 6 hours.