Individual Bead Awards
1 small bead -- for attending weekly Troop meeting in uniform shirt with all patches, neckerchief and handbook.
1 small bead -- for attending weekly Troop meeting in full uniform (shirt, socks, pants or shorts, belt, neckerchief and hat).
1 small bead -- for meeting a Boy Scout handbook requirement.
1 small bead -- for helping and signing off a requirement for another Boy Scout.
3 small beads -- for completing and receiving a merit badge.
5 small beads -- for rank advancement.


Patrol Bead Awards
1 small bead -- for having patrol flag and stand.
1 small bead -- for everyone showing up at weekly Troop meeting.
1 small bead -- for everyone showing up in uniform.


For the purpose of this program, being in uniform means Boy Scout shirt with all patches in place and neckerchief with slide.  Shirt must be tucked in.  Once a Scout has advanced to the next rank, a knot will be tied in the lace.  Beads will be counted from the current rank and the previous rank only.
Two small beads equal one big bead. You can trade in the small beads to get the big beads which will allow a pool of small beads to give out so we only have to add to the big beads as needed.
As you advance to a new rank, turn in the beads that no longer count (that is, the ones that are older than the current and previous rank) so that we can then recycle the beads through the Troop.
Parents are not to give beads to their own sons, but can give beads to any other boys for good deeds which they have witnessed.
This is a Troop program rather than a BSA program.

This is a work in progress and is subject to change as necessary.